I use lessons learned, an MFA in Creative Writing, and training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help writers get inspired and keep their commitment so they can plan and write the best book possible

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Belinda has critiqued my book-length manuscript and made valuable suggestions on ways I can improve my story in terms of its tone, meaning, and structure. Her understanding of cultural diversity and the impact of change, on both a physical and emotional level, is remarkable. So is her ability to work with writers as she balances honest input with great sensitivity.
— Leslie Ahmadi, Ph.D. (Trainer)
I have known Belinda Nicoll for [ten] years as a personal friend, fellow writer, and trained life coach. [...] I know her to be an empathetic, respectful, and successful life coach, and generally hardworking and resilient. Belinda brings an interesting international perspective to group work.
— Trudi Taylor, Ph.D. (Therapist)
I know Belinda through her participation at several writers’ networking events and open mics I have hosted. Belinda thrilled the crowd with her vivid imagery and sensory details of her childhood in South Africa - a rare feat since it is hard to captivate strangers’ attention verbally at these events.
— Alice Osborn (Editor)
Belinda is an excellent writer. She also speaks well in front of audiences. I have interacted with her in graduate school and also as a peer in the North Carolina writing community. She is intelligent and reliable.
— Maureen Sherbondy (Teacher)
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Belinda in writer’s workshops and critiquing groups. She’s proven valuable to my own artistic development through her insightful, unbiased critiques. Belinda founded the writers group that grew out of a workshop we both attended. Belinda’s training as a life coach gives her a unique perspective on creative writing.
— Andrea Wenger (Technical Writer)
I was a presenter with Belinda Nicoll at a symposium on identity, immigration and the issues of dislocation at The Town of Cary, N.C. in 2008. Belinda read from her memoir of her experiences on arrival in the United States. I was impressed with the beautifully written and moving account of her experiences and with Belinda’s skills in adapting to a new culture.
— Susan Buret (Artist)
I met Belinda as one of five writers in a writing class we took together for three years. Belinda is a terrific memoir and fiction writer. Her grasp of language and how to create stories within stories are two of her skills that helped me improve my own work. I appreciate how she can, concretely, give suggestions about how one’s fiction or poetry might be improved.
— Jodi Barnes (Lecturer)
I’ve had the benefit of both Belinda’s life coaching service and her copywriting talent. She has helped me resolve various conflicts and guided me in making strategic decisions with regard my own business. Someone as multi-talented as Belinda is a rare find.
— Lisa Stewart (Interior Designer)
It has been my good fortune to work alongside Belinda. She is equipped with years of experience, incredible talent and a creative mind - her skill as a writer knows no bounds.
— Lori Murray (Freelancer)
I have had the pleasure of working with Belinda. She works well with others and helps influence team members to perform at a higher level. Belinda offers a unique perspective, and she always manages to keep a professional, optimistic outlook during stressful situations.
— Bryan Gasaway (Graphic Designer)