What Is Creativity Coaching?

People have been manifesting creativity in various fields throughout history. Innovation is an innate human attribute that has the potential to flourish. Creativity coaches work with artists, musicians, writers, inventors, and even business executives. Although some coaches have a specific creative background, most of them focus on the creative process rather than the client’s actual art genre or profession.

A creativity coach helps people explore how their thought processes may be holding them back from doing their best work. In helping them pursue their ambitions, the coach will guide them to draw on their inspiration and translate those ideas into viable projects. They will develop new mental strategies to plan and pursue projects in a way that guarantees completion, thus accomplishing their creative and professional goals.

The dynamics that guide character transformation in storytelling are no different than those that drive personal and social change in real life.

The methodology of one of the world’s most famous and successful innovators, Walt Disney, has become a case study known as The Disney Model of Creativity. He looked at the process of innovation as a cycle composed of three phases, each step in the process guided by a role player who’s naturally predisposed to a specific sensibility:

  • the dreamer who supports the belief that everything is possible

  • the critic who acknowledges all possible obstacles and considers the resources required to solve problems

  • the realist who focuses on planning, timing, and actions to implement the ideas generated in the first phase

Realizing that Disney’s model could be used in any planning and decision-making situation, NLP pioneer Robert Dilts (1994) developed the Disney Creativity Strategy as a technique to access those three perceptual positions in a coordinated way, thus allowing either an individual or members of a group to contemplate all possibilities, possible obstacles, and the best strategy for achieving their goals.


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